Company Profile

Historic background
MM MICHAILOVITS is a well established company with a successful past and innovative history and an even more promising future. The company‘s major sector is in the marketing and production of packaging products maintaining a strong presence in Greece andabroad. Since 1961, at the time when Michail Michailovits opened a small commercial store selling wrapping papers and cellophane sheets in Salonica, the company has established a level of confidence and trust with its clients unprecedented in the market place. MM MICHAILOVITS has experienced steady growth over the years and has gained its reputation and share in the market through its efficiency to meet the changing demands of its clients, including having now enhanced its operations in the specialized packaging sector of the industry.

In 1984 the company passed the helm over to the new generation namely Christos and Konstantinos Michailovits, who together with the existing principles and traditions of the company, and their own considerable knowledge and ambitions to grow the company to higher standards, were able to adjust and adapt to the ever increasing demands of the current competitive environment. In 1997 the company changed its legal form into a privately owned company. Today MM MICHAILOVITS, with its advanced facilities, manufactures packaging materials for the pastry and bakery industries, continually developing new methods and practices to meet the demands of its clients in Greece and abroad.

Human resources
The company attributes its quality and effectiveness to the human resources department and to this day this area of the company is the basis for is continued evolution. All areas of the company ‘s human resource manpower, including its executives, through their knowledge, creativity and abilities, can realize the company ‘s vision and take advantage of its opportunities presented to them in a positive environment of evolution and progress.
Today, the company occupies more than 25 fully trained persons all of whom are specialized in their individual tasks. The company works very closely with all its “partners” in the industry with the common theme of servicing its clients in the most practical a cost effective way.

The company has the most modern printing machinery as well as paper and board cutting configurations and paper converting machinery. By 2004, aiming at growing the production and creation of new products, the company concluded its substantial investment of its printing and cutting machinery.

Raw materials
Raw materials are imported from Scandinavia, bearing the approval of all the recognized international quality, health and safety organizations, including the ISO 9002 quality certification, which maintains the highest quality standards of its field, ensuring also that competitive edge in price.
This has greatly assisted in the company becoming a leader in the industry and one recognized for providing excellence in the key areas of quality and service.

MM MICHAILOVITS produces a large diversified range of products, namely:

• Baking cups in various sizes for wholesale: brown, white, colored, print (up to 6 colors) and bearing the client’s logo (up to 6 colors).
• Muffin cups-moulds in various sizes
• Paper cake moulds
• Fabric ribbons bearing the client’s logo printed on gold stamping
• Fancy and pastel ribbons printed in a variety of colors
• Gold-graph stickers in various sizes
• Transparent printed polypropylene film ribbons
• Color printed polypropylene film ribbons
• Fancy printed polypropylene film ribbons
• Paper ice-cream cups (80 gr., 220 gr., 500 gr.)
• Pastry cups, round and square (gold, silver, pink, blue, white and ecru)
• Printed luxury boxes for chocolate and sweets (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1 kg)
• Printed christening boxes in various shapes
• Cake boards and paper trays in various sizes and shapes, in gold and silver
• Paper kits for the transport of coffee goblets

The company‘s main target is to expand its products as well as to diversify into new markets. At the same time, the company’s philosophy is to continue to enhance its own research development and the maximum evolution in new production methods of multiple use products. Importantly, guaranteeing the products’ usefulness and appropriateness for consumers and providing an environmentally friendly product range remains fundamentally of the highest priority.

MM MICHAILOVITS is endeavouring to expedite its client’s needs by constantly upgrading its service and production attributes, together with the provision of outstanding quality and price.

The company MM MICHAILOVITS is in cooperation
with the Swedish firm Nordicpaper.